Article appeared in issue 2, 2020

Tariff on Irish whiskey imports to Vietnam removed

The Irish whiskey industry has welcomed the passing of the EU Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, which will remove the 45 per cent tariff currently on Irish whiskey imports to Vietnam.


Commenting, William Lavelle, head of Drinks Ireland, Irish Whiskey called it a significant development. “In the past two years, sales of Irish whiskey in Vietnam have trebled, so this presents a major opportunity for further growth. The agreement will see a full phasing-out of the current excessive tariff … and legal recognition in Vietnam for the Irish whiskey geographic indication, which protects Irish whiskey from fake competitors. Trade agreements like today’s one will also help to open up trade between Irish distillers and the rest of Asia. In turn, this will support more jobs in local Irish whiskey distilleries and more custom for Irish barley and grain farmers.”