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Ireland at Anuga 2023

The largest trade fair for the international food and drink industry, Anuga, takes place in Cologne, Germany from October 7-11. Occurring every two years, Anuga brings together a vast variety of companies from all around the world. This year, Ireland will be well-represented with 15 companies exhibiting under Bord Bia’s [Irish Food Board] Origin Green Ireland umbrella, occupying a total of 598 square metres over meat, dairy and frozen-food halls. A number of other Irish companies will also be in attendance. Here,  features profiles of all the Irish companies that are serving up a storm at Anuga 2023











Ashbourne Meat Processors 

Ashbourne Meat Processors is a privately-owned company that supplies high-quality beef to domestic and worldwide markets. It operates its own slaughterhouse, cutting plants and modern processing facilities in Ireland, under the strictest quality control and management supervision. Ashbourne Meat Processors holds higher level European Food Safety Inspection Service (EFSIS)-approved ISO 9001 status. It also has modern processing and cold store facilities.  The company offers full traceability, from farm to fork, and is a member of the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Scheme. This is coupled with a commitment to service, which it believes gives it an edge in a competitive marketplace. Annually, Ireland produces close to 500,000 tonnes of beef, with 450,000 tonnes exported across the globe. Ashbourne Meats operates modern processing, storage, and handling facilities. Traditional methods of husbandry, Ireland’s mild climate, fine grasses, and expert processing, as well as a strong focus on quality, mean you can taste the difference in products from Ashbourne Meats, the company states. The company's sales team has built trusted and lasting partnerships with distributors in Europe and beyond. Ashbourne Meats is committed to sustainability and is a verified member of Bord Bia’s Origin Green sustainability programme. 

Visit Ashbourne Meat Processors in the meat hall at stand A046.


Dawn Farms 

Dawn Farms is Europe’s leading cooked meat, fermented sausage, and plant protein ingredients company. It not only offers a comprehensive range of fermented and dried sausage products for pizzas, sandwiches, snacks, and prepared meals, it also produces a selection of cooked protein options. Dawn Farms is a family-owned company. It exports to over 50 international markets and has grown through long-term investment and strategic alignment with many well-known food brands, both in retail and in foodservice. It operates out of manufacturing facilities in Ireland, Germany, and the UK. The company practices a customer-centric business model and prides itself on its added-value services, such as its Pure Culinary Science insights and innovation platform. Its Food Plus Programme delivers a brand protection guarantee to its customers through high levels of surveillance, forensic investigation, supply management and factory controls to protect its business. The All Our Futures sustainability programme is Dawn Farms’ commitment to producing sustainable protein ingredients across its facilities in Ireland, the UK and Germany. This commitment includes gold membership of Origin Green in Ireland, as well as a commitment to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), incorporating key goals under the four pillars of environment: health and nutrition, sustainable sourcing, workplace, and the community. 

Visit Dawn Farms in the meat hall at stand A048.

Dawn International 

Dawn International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Group – a privately-held group of agri-business operations. Originating from within the pork and beef-farming sector, the group’s first processing site became operational in 1979. Today, it claims to be Ireland’s largest, privately owned, agri-business group. It boasts a wide portfolio of products including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, dairy and fish. The overall group comprises 100 companies with operating bases in 12 countries worldwide. A team of 6,000 people operate within various divisions as diverse as farming and pasta production. Throughout these diverse activities, it operates technically advanced farming, slaughter, de-boning, retail packing and cooking facilities – strategically placed throughout the world. Dawn International trades with more than 40 countries worldwide, the company states. It attributes its growth to its investment in people, process technology, research and new product development. Its dedication to food safety, quality and value gives it a competitive edge. Dawn International’s mission is to bring together both providers and procurers within all aspects of the food sector, and to ensure that they reliably and truthfully represent their needs in brokering long-term and sustainable business. 

Visit Dawn International in the meat hall at stand B043.


Dawn Pork & Bacon 

Dawn Pork & Bacon produces high-quality pork, locally sourced from carefully selected and sustainable stocks. Its state-of-the-art facility is fully customised to process and deliver goods that satisfy a broad range of customer specifications. The pork is prepared from slaughter and deboning through to butchering and delivery, for both national and international markets. The company’s client base stretches from the Irish domestic market to mainland Europe, and beyond, including countries such as Japan, US, China, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, South Africa and Korea. The company’s manufacturing facility uses the most up-to-date technology, including a computerised traceability and stock-control system from intake to dispatch. In 2014 the company became verified members of the Bord Bia (Irish Food Board) Origin Green programme. Membership of Origin Green and standard accreditations such as BRC, MPQAS, USDA and ISO 14001 ensure that the company maintains constant and continuous development to the highest national and international standards in the food industry. Dawn Pork & Bacon uses only the finest livestock approved by Bord Bia, sourced from farms within the Republic of Ireland. This is an important aspect of the company’s procurement policy, enabling it to maintain products of the highest standard above and beyond customer expectations. The company breeds its own pigs at a number of Queally-owned farms located in Co. Waterford, in the south of Ireland, and sources pigs from other Bord Bia-approved farms. With a focused eye on animal breeding programmes, and close working relationships with local farmers, Dawn Pork & Bacon says it guarantees that only the finest quality animals are processed at its facility. 

Visit Dawn Pork & Bacon in the meat hall at stand B043.


Kepak Group 

Kepak Group boasts a turnover of €1.75bn and operates 13 manufacturing facilities throughout Ireland and the UK, with sales offices in Europe, the US, and Asia. The group markets a broad range of meat products serving the wholesale, food service, and retail markets. AgraKepak is the international trading division of Kepak Group, with over 50 years of global trade and logistics experience and a leading exporter to Asian markets with plant approvals for Kepak Longford IE 533EC; Kepak Kilbeggan IE 2007 EC; Kepak Athleague IE 313 EC; Kepak Clonee IE 317 EC; and McCarren’s IE 608 EC. 

Visit Kepak in the meat hall at stand B041.


Liffey Meats 

Liffey Meats is ideally situated in the rich grasslands of Co. Cavan to take advantage of the supply of prime cattle from the surrounding countryside. Over the last 100 years, the company has evolved from a traditional family butchery to become one of Ireland’s leading beef processors. Liffey Meats prides itself on adhering to the strictest quality policies and has always maintained its ethos of customer satisfaction. It has expanded its range of value-added products, providing convenience-led solutions for retail and foodservice. It boasts one of the largest, single-site abattoirs in Ireland, and with other sites in Carlow and Galway, slaughters over 150,000 cattle per year. Liffey Meats manufactures a range of reformed, portion-controlled and pre-packed products, including value-added products in its Sheelin and Castlerahan brands, as well as private-label for retailers and foodservice customers across Europe. Its convenience foods include hamburgers, grill steaks and retail-packed fresh meat. Liffey Meats has invested heavily in convenience food R&D, not only in meat technology but also in increasing packaging sophistication and enhancing long-life products. Its development team is ready to work with customers to bring products to market that meet consumer demands. 

Visit Liffey Meats in the meat hall at B049.

QK Meats Ltd 

Established in 1992, QK Meats Ltd, located in Co. Kildare, is part of the Arrow Group of companies, which is a privately owned, Irish agri-food group comprising of more than 18 production sites specialising in primal meat-processing to ready-to-eat production facilities. QK Meats is a specialist provider of pork, beef, poultry and lamb proteins, and offal for the processing industries used in the manufacture of retail and wholesale finished goods. It is also a supplier to the pet food industry. In relation to fresh meat production, QK Meats specialises in packing and quick freezing to enable continuous supply on the worldwide markets bridging seasonal supply shortages of primal cuts, offal and high-volume, commodity raw materials ensuring an ongoing competitive offering. Over the last 30 years the company has built on its experience and broadened its market reach. QK Meats differentiates itself as a preferred supply-chain partner for its customers and suppliers by developing and maintaining key partnerships with major global processors and manufacturers; utilising its unique access to EU import/export quotas and its dedication to food safety and quality. The company says its mission is to build sustainable, global protein supply partnerships based on integrity, quality, competitive pricing and total customer focus. 

Visit QK Meats in the meat hall at stand A042.



Ribworld, a specialist in sous-vide products since 2003 operates from a top-class purpose-built facility spanning 8,500 square metres, situated in the heart of Ireland's agricultural hub in Fethard, Co. Tipperary. Ribworld holds BRC grade AA+ accreditation, is operated to the highest international standards, and prides itself on being a highly efficient organisation with innovation at the forefront of its growth and its people at the core of everything it does. Ribworld offers a diverse array of products, ranging from cooked ribs to beef bourguignon for retail and also bulk shredded meat products. The company is dedicated to innovation across various meat categories and, with its accomplished new product development (NPD) team and 20 years of expertise, believes it is the perfect partner for you to collaborate with to create a product line tailored perfectly to your business needs. In 2021 Ribworld became part of Sofina Foods Europe, a subsidiary of Sofina Foods Inc., Europe’s leading manufacturers of primary and further processed proteins for both retail and foodservice customers. 

Visit Ribworld in the meat hall at stand A040.


Rosderra Irish Meat

Rosderra is Ireland’s largest pigmeat processing business, accounting for approximately 50 per cent of the national kill. The company operates two state-of-the-art processing facilities at Edenderry, Co. Offaly and Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. The company also has a speciality-meat-ingredients facility, a pork-curing facility and a cooked-meat facility. Rosderra exports to over 75 countries in the world including across Europe, the US, Australia, China, Korea, The Philippines, Canada and Japan. With advanced control and quality processes, Rosderra’s farm-to-fork traceability provides its customers with a wide range of world-class pork and bacon products. The company’s unique product-coding system enables it to trace all its meat products from their origin to the point of their final destination. This rigorous traceability system gives customers confidence in the Rosderra products, such as the pork range which includes pork belly, loin, ribs, and shoulder.  The company’s primary focus is to ensure that all the animals supplied are born and reared in Ireland, from farms participating in the national DNA trace back scheme and from national registered farms, certified under Bord Bia’s [Irish Food Board] farm assurance scheme; and approved under Rosderra’s quality pig grid for animal welfare, husbandry, biosecurity, healthcare and structures. 

Visit Rosderra in the meat hall at stand B045.



Wild Irish Game 

Wild Irish Game was established in 1993, in Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow. Since then, it says it has become the number-one provider of wild deer and wildfowl in Ireland, and Ireland's longest-established game-processing company. The company remains Irish-owned and a family-run business, dedicated to supporting, educating and sharing knowledge about these delicious, traditional foods. Based now in Clane, Co. Kildare in a state-of-the-art premises, the company says it operates strictly in accordance with current European and Irish legislation. Wild Irish Game is proud to be the only game producer in Ireland to be Quality BRC AA food certified. Wild Irish Game says it is committed to delivering quality while working alongside nature and to maintaining the balance between what it does and what nature provides. 

Visit Wild Irish Game in the meat hall at A044.


Kerry Dairy Consumer Foods

Kerry Dairy Ireland is a vertically integrated dairy business that encompasses a number of divisions spanning from its agri-businesses through to dairy ingredients, nutritional ingredients and its dairy consumer foods businesses. With its strong dairy heritage, world class sustainability credentials, a deep-rooted connection to over 3,000 farmers and milk suppliers, right through to its portfolio of household favourite brands, Kerry Dairy Ireland says it is one of the world’s leading dairy businesses. The Dairy Consumer Foods division produces some of the UK and Ireland’s favourite food brands including Strings & Things, Dairygold, Charleville, Golden Cow, Coleraine, Low Low, PURE and Attack a Snak.

Visit Kerry in the dairy hall at stand G020a.




Ornua is a dairy co-operative that markets and sells dairy products on behalf of its members, Ireland’s dairy processors and, in turn, Irish dairy farmers. Ornua is Ireland’s largest exporter of Irish dairy products and says it has annualised sales of over €3.4bn. Headquartered in Dublin, Ornua has a strong global team of 3,000 employees, operating from 10 business units worldwide, including 16 production facilities. Ornua’s core purpose is to build profitable routes to market for Irish dairy products. The group is structured across two divisions: Ornua Foods and Ornua Ingredients. Ornua Foods is responsible for the marketing and sales of Ornua’s consumer brands including Ireland’s most successful food export, Kerrygold, as well as Kerrygold Dubliner, Pilgrims Choice, Forto and BEO milk powders. Markets are served by production facilities in Ireland, Germany and the UK and by in-market sales and marketing teams in Asia, Germany, Ireland, MEA, Poland, Spain, the rest of Europe and North and Latin America. Ornua Ingredients is responsible for the procurement of Irish and non-Irish dairy products, for the sale of dairy ingredients to food manufacturing and foodservice customers across the world, and for managing volatility through de-risking and trading strategies. The business is supported by production facilities in the UK, Spain, the US, Saudi Arabia, and by in-market teams in Africa and the Middle East. 

Visit Ornua in the dairy hall at stand G020.


Tirlán is Ireland’s largest farmer-owned food and nutrition business, with a diverse portfolio of ingredients, consumer and agri brands. Rooted in a rich heritage of family farming and embedded in its communities, Tirlán sources its high-quality dairy and grains from a network of over 5,000 farm families who are at the heart of the business. Its award-winning brands are household names in Ireland, and include Ireland’s number one consumer dairy brand, Avonmore. The organisation draws on a wealth of experience to deliver exceptional products and tailored nutritional solutions including Kilmeaden, Wexford, Truly Grass Fed, Solmiko nutritional milk proteins, CheddMax and GAIN Animal Nutrition. Tirlán exports to more than 100 countries and has a strong market presence in the UK, France, Germany, UAE, the US, North Africa, Japan and China. A talented team of over 2,300 people manage Tirlán’s network of 11 production facilities, delivering annual revenues of €3bn. Tirlán is committed to sustainability through its comprehensive Living Proof programme, and is signed up to the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi). 

Visit Tirlán in the dairy hall at stand G020b.


Coolhull Farm 

Coolhull Farm is a family-owned Irish company founded in 1990 by Tomás Murphy who began making ice cream using a classic Italian recipe on his dairy farm, at Coolhull, Co. Wexford. Its family-farming heritage is at the core of what it does. Coolhull Farm Ltd (previously Paganini Ice Cream) is now run by Tomás’s son, Barry. Today, the company specialises in dairy and baked goods including a full range of premium ice cream, cakes and dairy desserts using the milk from Coolhull Farm. The company’s area of expertise and innovation is in fast casual dining and quick serve restaurants. The quality of its farm-fresh ingredients and its emphasis on making products from scratch differentiates Coolhull Farm’s ice cream, desserts and confectionery, the company states. The company’s mission is to make great-tasting products in a sustainable way, while creating rewarding jobs in its local community. Coolhull Farm’s growth in the European markets has been a result of key market diversification within its range of home-grown favourites, as well as new concepts that have been well received. It exports to many countries, adding more all the time. 

Visit Coolhull Farm in the frozen hall at stand B071.














Glenhaven Foods

Established by the Cahill Family in 1986, Glenhaven Foods says it has grown to become one of Ireland’s largest frozen-food processors, specialising in coated, cooked, and raw frozen food for the retail and foodservice sectors. Glenhaven has an annual turnover of €60m, a team of 170 employees and four high-speed production lines catering for both carton and bagged products. Originally best-known for specialising in high-quality, coated frozen poultry, in recent years Glenhaven has been rapidly growing its range and global reputation for producing premium, coated Irish cheese products for the international quick service restaurant (QSR) industry. Innovation is a cornerstone of the business; in addition to coated cheese, Glenhaven has recently launched both coated pork and beef products into the QSR and retail markets, while simultaneously launching a new range of hot snacking products under its retail brand. Glenhaven remains a 100% independent, Irish, family-owned business, run by brother and sister team, Barry and Emma Cahill. 

Visit Glenhaven Foods in the frozen hall at stand B071b.



ABP Ireland 

ABP Ireland is part of the ABP Food Group, headquartered in Co. Louth. Its activities include processing, deboning, and retail-packing beef and lamb at nine plants strategically located throughout Ireland. The award-winning company has a long and proud tradition of working with farmers and customers in supplying quality beef and lamb for worldwide markets. It supplies major retailers, foodservice clients, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors. The company offers a range of premium-branded products such as Irish Nature, Irish Hereford Prime, Certified Angus and a comprehensive range of organic beef under the Good Herdsman brand. ABP beef and lamb are reared on a natural, grass-based diet, carefully matured and subject to ABP’s patented ultra-tender process. It offers a wide range of bespoke beef and lamb products for the manufacturing sector in a variety of specifications in both fresh and frozen formats. It produces a full range of diced, minced and manufacturing products for convenience food and ready-meal producers throughout Europe. Farm assurance, animal welfare, food safety and sustainability ensure the highest standard of product integrity, the company states. ABP is a founding member of Origin Green and currently holds gold-member status. 

Visit ABP in hall 6.1 at stand A050/B051.


Dawn Meats

Dawn Meats is the supplier of choice to a range of leading supermarket, foodservice and manufacturing businesses, exporting to more than 50 countries. As a family-owned business, Dawn Meats says it remains true to its farming heritage through the close relationships it has forged with over 40,000 family farms from which it directly sources grass-fed cattle and lamb for processing at its 10 Irish and 13 UK sites. Dawn Meats was established in Co. Waterford, Ireland in 1980, and it says it has grown into a business with over €2.5bn in annual revenue, employing over 8,000 staff in 12 countries. The company works with some of the world’s leading food companies who are attracted by a commitment to sustainability and quality. Trading as Dunbia in the UK and Dawn Meats in Ireland, the combined businesses process approximately one million cattle and 3.5 million sheep, annually. 

Visit Dawn Meats in hall 6.1 at stand B040/C041.

The Plant-It Food Co. 

The Plant-It Food Co. is an Irish family business creating plant-based, gluten-free, frozen products inspired by world cuisines. The Plant-It Food Co. is passionate about food that is tasty, nutritious, convenient and more sustainable with less waste. By using its bakery expertise, the company’s IP method creates novel structured proteins that deliver an unrivalled texture and mouthfeel experience. All its products are made at its BRC-accredited, dedicated plant-based facility in Dublin with gluten-free capability. The Plant-It Food Co.’s diverse range caters for retail and foodservice, offering an option for every meal and menu occasion throughout the day with customers in Ireland, UK, US and Canada so far. The Plant-It Food Co. says its goal is to demonstrate the amazing potential of plant-based foods with delicious meals full of flavour at Anuga 2023. 

Visit The Plant-It Food Co. in hall 5.2 at stand D070.



Traditional Meat Company 

The Traditional Meat Company says it was established to produce beef products of the highest quality to meet each customer’s individual requirements. The company’s production plant has been developed as a modern, integrated slaughter and boning facility that operates to BRC Version 9 Grade AA rating. The Traditional Meat Company selectively chooses cattle to match the specific requirements of its customers to supply only the best premium Irish beef. The company exports to customers all over Europe. With more than 40 years in the meat industry, and a strong reputation built on consistency, The Traditional Meat Company says it is passionate about providing its customers with only the best-quality beef products. Ireland's traditional culinary heritage is world famous and the nation is renowned for its high-quality food produce. With a strong ethos of high standards and excellent customer service, The Traditional Meat Company says it helps maintain that history and reputation. The company’s environmental policy is constantly reviewed for areas of improvement and sustainability. 

Visit the Traditional Meat Company in hall 6.1 at stand E013.

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